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1 Renny♥ Renny♥ | Web | 22. května 2011 v 13:31 | Reagovat

Jo to ona je :D Jinak suprový blog :D

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So, she appears only at first caused some commotion, blamed quietly return to calm. "I was wrong to see you!" Splendid excited Road. Side of Wu Duanyang early attention the Fairview and Lu Youfeng here a long time, the actual occurrence just before They Erbinsimo, 11 income eye capsule. Hearts disgust even more, and even felt immediately spit it out. Back to see Fairview by the wronged they        cast Kam pool out apart from anything else, to go straight in the accident site. Kam Chi hovering in the eddies of inertia which already lame balance, she stumbled, they fell to the central dance floor. Kam Chi!, "Lu Youfeng exclaimed. Wu Duanyang eyes of which have Kam Chi Wu wife, Fairview tearful little face has long been filled with his thinking. "You idiot!" "You Fairview do!" The too late Kam Chi Benzhi around Luyou Feng, ghostly wind swept ado, already suffer the Wu Duanyang punch.<br/> "Fairview stepping on high shoes Ligularia Ligularia the way, the straight playing parking Cuixiang. Kam Chi embarrassed looked up, the only head buried lower Daorang the Fairview think more serious. And Fairview together, must be Wuduan Yang. Last seconds still grateful to this uninvited Rolls-Royce, a sec and look forward to him and Kam Chi leave early. Woo Feng holding Kam Chi turned around, logical to see Wuduan Yang and Fairview. Fairview the cheeky-focus color, Wu Duanyang touches not anxious not slow, a look of indifference, eyes secluded transfer. Kam Chi, what happened? "Fairview continue to ask. "Nothing, Kam Chi foot some uncomfortable, I hold her on the train, the way to her home." Luyou Feng Road. <br/> That chill laugh with little mechanization, but by mouth convergence excellent so far look to go with them gentle point callous type, it is general ladies daughter race to anthomaniac the corner. The Luyou Feng the gestures, Please only said: "Of course." The Fairview slightly moving pace of Norway to the Wu Duanyang, she Yang out of the right hand to Norway drawn to curly hair, Familiarize which a lock after the other in the ear. Unlimited style, she has been well prepared Wuduan Yang invited. Kam pool, and I jumped a show next week! "Kam pool, and I jumped a show next week! " Fairview smile gradually frozen to and this freeze gradually ablation, close up, the original Chunfengdeyi both ways they are playing back Danru lotus prototype. Kam Chi little face in addition to the stunned, still stunned ... Heaven and earth, ah!<br/>

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