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22. května 2011 v 20:32 | Lukash |  webový štýl

Prví layout z obiednávky s Robertom Pattinsonom je hotový a aj nadstavený. Som rád že je už hotový ^^ znovu by sa mi už nechcel robiť.Dúfam že sa páči :))


1 →Daffy← →Daffy← | Web | 22. května 2011 v 20:38 | Reagovat

díky za pochvalu,taky máš hezký blog a udělal si moc hezký dessing :))

2 Kwííka :) Kwííka :) | Web | 22. května 2011 v 20:54 | Reagovat

ďakujem je úplne že dokonalý !! <3

3 Elena@ Elena@ | Web | 23. května 2011 v 8:12 | Reagovat

ten se ti povedl :)

4 - monika - - monika - | Web | 23. května 2011 v 15:04 | Reagovat

layouty děláš opravdu moc pěkné ...

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"Green Man, you do not be worried, Kam Chi'll be fine." Behind Shu Zhongcheng, appease wildly shoulder pat green text. She looked up at him, increasingly feel more fortunate than Kam Chi. This legislation in front of her half tall man higher than their common university students. This guy always seems like behind her butt, even back from the dead, will warm a hot face to come along down what she said, what with the Queen.  She leaned on his shoulder, this time the lines have a huge regret as dark clouds like sealed cover in their hearts, surge difficult to reveal the uneasy stagnation cohesion in the chest, brewing for a long time, her astringent natural openings. <br/> Kam Chi stood up from the armchairs, soft laugh: "How are you getting in a foreign country?" "We sit down and say ...... I had a pretty good in a foreign country is quite like you." Fairview look in the Kam Chi mobility, it is proposed to sit down and nonsense. "When to G City? Someone to pick you up?" Kam pool. Fairview streamer, wonderful head slightly with profound meaning to look to the aside hello banquet figure habitually Knut mouth, with        a trace of pride, but it seems more than just proud that simple. "Do not call to tell me." Kam Chi whispered, she fell not complain, just a bit surprised it. "Wanted to give you a surprise, how, in the past few years you doing okay?"<br/> Wu Duanyang speaker asked, his brow slightly corrugated, and my heart there is a trace of unhappiness. "Hmm." Kam Chi should be a cry. "How painting in the living room?" The Wu Duanyang puzzling question. Kam Chi usually painting in his room, rarely out of the door bracket sub-painting. Her painting, some of the things a mess, the generally a painting after the birth, her room always with the wind swept messy, artists atmosphere and shocking. People a little pretentious works of art have no doubt that this artist Ikuno by Chi. Looked, this living room is cluttered everywhere Fang Chen 4K or 8K drawing paper, gouache paint scattered on the ground, not dry the several pigments mixed with sewage, sofa suddenly appeared on the drawing pencil and eraser ... Wu Duanyang eye closing all of a tight, eyebrows, lip slightly drop-down.<br/>

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